Halcyon House

Halcyon House

83 – 8th Avenue, NW
PO Box 910
Nakusp, BC V0G 1R0

Tim Payne, Executive Director
Phone: 250-265-3674, ext. 210
Email: tim.payne@aslcs.com

Robyn Hicks, Site Manager
Phone: 250-265-3692, ext.1
Fax: 250-265-4141
Email: halcyonhouse@telus.net

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Assisted Living philosophy?

  • Promoting choices, privacy, independence, individuality, dignity and respect.

Who monitors the quality of service?

  • All providers are governed by Provincial Legislation, the Community Care and Assisted Living Act.
  • All providers in BC must register with the Provincial Assisted Living Registrar’s Office.
  • As a provider we must meet the standard set out by the contracts we hold with Interior Health and BC Housing.
  • Interior Health staff will continue to assess and monitor the care provided.

Who is eligible for Assisted Living?

  • People who wish to live as independently as possible in a housing environment.
  • People who require personal and supportive services.
  • People who have the ability and desire to self-direct their care.
  • Those who meet provincial eligibility criteria.

What personal care and services are provided?

  • Care and service plan to manage your health and well-being.
  • Medication reminders or assists.
  • Scheduled personal care and as-needed care such as bathing and grooming.
  • Unscheduled personal care available around the clock.
  • Plus, other home and community care services as required, such as home care nursing, physiotherapy etc.

What hospitality services are included?

  • Two meals per day, lunch and supper
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry for linens
  • Social and recreational activities
  • 24-hour response service

Can tenants bring their own furniture or host overnight guests?

  • Yes, Assisted Living is like any other rental apartment.
  • Occupants furnish their own houses and can choose to host overnight guest.

How much does Assisted Living cost?

  • Halcyon House has funded as well as Private suits.
  • The funded Rates are set at 70% of after-tax net income, to a maximum limit. Plus $15 per month for Hydro.
  • Private Suite is $1111.00 per month. Hydro included.
  • Private Couples suite is $ 2175.00 per month for the couple. Hydro included.

How do I apply for Assisted Living?

  • If you are currently a client of Home and Community care, discuss the matter with your Home Care Nurse.
  • If you are not a current client with Home and Community Nursing you may contact your local Home and Community Nursing Department for an assessment, contact your Physician for a referral or you may contact Halcyon House directly at 250-265-3692 ext 1.

Does Assisted Living replace residential care?

  • Assisted Living is for those who need some extra help to remain independent, but who do not require 24 hour care in a residential care facility.
  • Assisted Living helps bridge the gap between care in the home and professional care in a residential facility.

Are Pets welcome?

  • Yes, pets are welcome. The tenant or visitors are fully responsible for the care of the pet.

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