Men’s Outreach Worker

10 hours per week at a rate of $20.83/hr for 24 weeks


The Men’s Outreach Worker will provide activities and opportunities for men to develop comradeship and social interactions with other men in the community. As a result of the connections accomplished through non-threatening discussions, the Men’s Outreach Worker will also provide referrals for men who wish to engage in more personal and specific topic areas. He will be responsible for creating a safe positive environment that is conducive for men learning from and supporting each other in a healthy manner.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan and organize social activities for men within the community and be an integral part of the activity.
  • Set guidelines and perimeters that complement the operations of the events planned and provide clear and safe boundaries with regards to acceptable behaviour.
  • Assist men to identify and access referrals to professional services such as legal information, advocacy, training and other self- improvement initiatives.
  • Make direct referrals for men to obtain counselling services.
  • Recognize potential crisis or safety situations facing the men involved in the program and help develop strategies to deal with the situation at hand. (i.e. Appropriate referrals)
  • Develop an ongoing plan to ensure community awareness of this program and maintain an up to date public relations schedule.
  • Maintain a record of stats that support the need for this men’s program and develop criteria to help with accessing ongoing funding.

Skills and Abilities

  • Good verbal, written and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to organize and prioritize
  • Ability to work independently and in cooperation with others
  • Knowledge and ability to organize and coordinate recreational activities for a group of men
  • Have a complete knowledge of the importance of confidentiality and issues pertaining to confidentiality
  • Physically able to carry out the duties of the position
  • Model self-respect while being present, positive and interactive with participants


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Must have an up-to-date Criminal Record Check
  • Experience conducting group activities, recreational or otherwise

ASLCS is committed to equality in employment, however, due to the sensitive nature of the work that is done in this program, ASLCS has made a bonafide gender requirement and as such applications will be accepted from qualified males.

If interested please forward resume by 4:00 pm on January 26, 2018 to:

Arrow & Slocan Lakes Community Services
Attn:  Human Resources
Box 100  Nakusp, BC V0G 1R0
Fax:  250-265-3378