Wage Subsidy Program

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The Wage Subsidy Work Experience program is a financial incentive offered to employers to hire and provide work experience and skills training for new employees.

The program helps:

  • Employers: the reimbursement of up to 60% of the wage for up to 24 weeks offsets costs incurred during the training period for a new employee.
  • Job Seekers: assists eligible individuals who are the perfect fit but could benefit from on-the-job training and experience.

The Wage Subsidy program can also be tailored to help an employer accommodate a worker with a disability.


  • Reduce the hiring and training cost of a new employee
  • Job postings are free on the Nakusp WorkBC website and job board
  • Choose an eligible employee or we can help you find someone
  • Offer full-time (minimum 35 hrs/wk) for a new employee
  • Reimbursed every four weeks for up to 60% of the employees wage
  • Receive on-going support for the duration of the contract (up to 24 weeks)

Employers are eligible if they:

  • Are a registered business (private, public or non-profit) and have been in business for at least one year
  • Commit to providing ongoing, full-time (minimum 35 hrs/wk) employment for a NEW employee
  • Negotiate the wage subsidy agreement BEFORE the employee’s first day of work
  • Pay the employee a competitive salary or hourly wage and make required payroll deductions
  • Offer the likelihood of long-term employment

The Wage Subsidy Program is not about:

  • Hiring someone temporarily and then laying them off when the wage subsidy ends
  • Laying off existing employees to take advantage of a wage subsidy for new hires

Job Seekers:

  • Gain assistance in securing long term employment
  • Land the job you’ve been looking for, and gain on-the-job training and work experience
  • Job start funding may be available to help with dependent care costs, transportation, job-related clothing and equipment

Eligible individuals who would benefit from on-the-job work experience must:

  • Be on a current EI Regular Benefits Claim, or
  • Have been on EI in the past 5 years

Job seekers must obtain approval for the Wage Subsidy program BEFORE starting the job, and once accepted:

  • Be committed to the position, and
  • Be available to work the agreed upon number of hours each week.

If you are interested in the Wage Subsidy Work Experience Program, contact the Nakusp WorkBC Employment Services Centre to book an appointment with the Wage Subsidy Case Manager, Marilyn Rivers at 250-265-3318 ext.217 or marilyn.rivers@aslcs.com.


The Employment Program of British Columbia is funded in whole or part by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.